Prayers and Good Thoughts, Please!

I'm not going to post specifics on the internets (yet), but everyone please pray for a big chance I have right now. I don't know my odds of this awesomeness coming upon me, but a friend seems to believe I have a good chance. I'll know more on Monday.

So for my Christian friends, pray that I get this. And for my non-praying friends -- wish good thoughts for me!

This would be great for me AND my cats! And just bring so much happiness into my life. So lets all hope for me! If you're a friend (or loyal reader) and curiosity is killing the cat, drop me an email and I'll give you the details. I'll post all the greatness if and when it comes to be.

And I still haven't heard from my new apartment people on if my application has been approved -- I hope thats not a bad thing. I'll call them on Friday if I've not yet heard. I'm trying to figure if I want hire movers or not. That, of course, highly depends on price. I'm having a guy come give me an estimate tomorrow (he charges by the job, not the hour). But even if they'll only charge 200 for the job -- I could get one of those shiny new nanos with that much.

Have you seen the new nanos? Holy shit they look amazing. My sister just ordered one for herself -- another Mac user will soon be born ;)


Blogger penn said...

oh, the new nanos are so sweet. and let's talk about being bummed -- I JUST got a new ipod nano. And how much did I pay? $150 -- the price of the new nanos. Ugh.

At least I think mine is really pretty, and I already use it a lot. And I don't really need an accelerometer so that I can play crazy games with my nano. But it looks so sweet.

7:30 AM  

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