New Apartment!

I just went to tour my new apartment. It's trashed from the previous tenant -- needs some spackle, painting, and new carpet -- but I LOVE the layout. There's a nice big balcony and 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. The kitchen is just a tad smaller than what I have now. Ceiling fans over the dining room, and in both bedrooms (I know ceiling fans are tacky, design wise -- but at the same time, Karen gets hot).

I'll be upstairs (a requirement) and the stairs are inside the apartment -- a little half wall at the top where the living room is. The cats are gonna love it. I already know where all my paintings and art will hang too. Man it's going to be awesome!

Just one more month of living in this shit hole and I'm moving! Anyone wanna help with the move? ;)


Anonymous michael said...

Yay new digs!

I'll help if I'm in town (let me know when you have a weekend for sure).

1:23 AM  

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