It's been a while since I did a meme... and I like them on occasion... so. I got this one from Brand New Tattoo. I've also been curious to know if she actually has a tattoo and if so where and what. But anyway:

My favorite age: 25 so far -- looking forward to 26! For at least 7 years now, my life has gotten better and better with every year. I told my psychiatrist this and I think I caught her off guard. I came from bad times, OK? Lifes getting on with the awesomeness though. Not that my eye hasn't been twitching from stress all day -- but you know, it happens. I love living on my own, I love how much weight I've lost -- I love my wonderful friends. I'm happy to have a job to go to every morning, even if I'd rather go back to bed. I'm so thankful for my cats. I love them and having them with me. I love the relationship I have with my momma. I love my BEETLE! And I love klonopin and prozac which have enabled me to get the awesomeness in motion.

My best friend: This changes depending on who I talk to the most at a time. I guess I have a group of girl friends who I love -- and we all drift in and out of contact. So it rotates. Right now I'm enjoying my weekly lunches with Beth -- and she's been awesome helping with planning my move. Everyone knows I love my Erin! And Crystal back in Bham too :) And Steph, dammit I wish you lived closer!

My celebrity crush: This also rotates. Right now I'm hooked on Christian Bale. Past contenders have been Johnny Depp, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton. And damn if Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson isn't SMOKING hot. I had a dream about him the other night -- he was my shy date who had a total crush on me. It was a gooooooooood dream.

My defining characteristic: Hard one. I think this is best answered by someone who knows me. I think my honesty and openness (to a fault) are probably a big one.

My most evil moment: I want to say it's when I fucked with my evil roommates by switching off the fuse to the heater for a few months (flipping it back on before maintenance came over to "fix" it, only to turn it back off again when they left). But honestly, I've straight up threatened to beat someone to death with a bat (bat in hand, mind you) and honest-to-god meant it.

My favorite food: Pizza. Deep dish with pepperoni and extra sauce.

My grossest injury: Back in the days of my bike accident, I skinned a lot of myself. The scar on my limp was a giant balloon -- and I was missing so much skin on my knees that they were pretty much just puss all the time. I'd cover up with a comforter and have to peel it off myself. It was gross. Crusty puss scabs at the best moments. Oh and if I laughed or smiled too hard, my lip would open and spout blood.

My biggest hatred: Annoying sounds. Ice chomping. Gum. Popcorn. EVILS.

My most illegal activity: I don't really do anything illegal. Oh wait -- I speed a lot.

My need for justice: I read an article today that I am doing you a favor by not linking. Someone tortured a persons dog, leaving blood trails and stains everywhere and left them little notes all over the scene about how much they enjoyed it. They even drew a smile in the dogs blood. This person deserves a most painful death and an eternity in hell. It's just sick. I wish I'd never read the article as I know I will never forget it.

My most knowledgeable field: Computer Science actually -- oddly enough. Wish it was art or something I actually enjoy.

My life's goal: To be perfectly happy and content. I'd like to say as a married and loved woman and mother -- but I really want to achieve that all on my own -- to know I need nothing or no one to make me happy. I'm working towards this goal.

My mother's influence: Ha -- everything. I think my mom gave me a lot of my bitter sarcasm and negative outlook -- but she also gave me unlimited love and has shown me that God provides always. Her faith always amazes me. Taught me to cook too. And She's where I get my art talent from.

My nerdiest point: Oh there are many and it's sure to only get worse. How about I'm still angry about an argument I had where the point was given that the Hulk is more realistic than Ironman. What the fuck? The hulk turned into a giant green man -- where the hell did his new mass come from? Huh? And he can jump continents? Seriously? You're saying thats more realistic than a man who built himself a mechanical suit and had no actual powers? REALLY? Bullshit.

My oldest memory: When I was in preschool daycare (probably 4 or 5), I ran across the parking lot to the door after recess. Mrs Shirly scolded me so hard for almost getting hit by a car. And then she told my momma when she came to pick me up. I got in so much trouble. I still feel bad about it.

My perfect date: Kyle once took me to have a sunrise picnic at one of my favorite childhood spots (Little River Canyon). We sat on a large rock in the middle of the river/creek. It was amazing. Of course it wasn't perfect and things went wrong -- but it was perfect.

My unanswered question: Hmm. Will I get my happy ending?

My random fact: My left leg is a lot bigger than my right.

My stupidest decision: I didn't go for an art degree. I went computer science for money. Who knows how my life would have gone had I made the decision to go art... but I'll probably always wonder a little.

My favorite television show: DEXTER.

My style of underwear: Bikini. All my underwear is bikini cut -- but Kyle always said I wear granny panties -- no, I just have a large ass. They're victoria secret bikini cut -- thats not granny panties!

My favorite vegetable: I guess potato is a given? If not, I'm going to go with corn.

My weakest trait: my insecurity. I also tend to give the wrong people the benefit of the doubt. While I seem to be a pessimist and trust no one -- I actually hope for the best in people.

My X-men power: Fly. Hands down - I wanna fly.

My strongest yearning: To find a husband with whom to have a loving, equally yoked, passionate and sweet relationship with.

My moment of zen: Um. I've had some but those sleeping pills are kicking in... My zen moments usually come when I have a realization about God.


Anonymous protomech said...

Short essay answers make memes a lot more interesting than word association or "I'm supergirl! Which superhero are you", etc.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Thanks :) I think. LOL

I usually learn something interesting when I read memes on other peoples blogs -- assuming i like that person (who wants to read random facts about a stranger they don't care about?). And I can't read them without thinking of what my own answers would be. I like memes sprinkled in on occasion :)

11:30 PM  
Blogger Cricky said...

I'd like to fly as well. You've been tagged

3:16 PM  

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