I'm a night person.

Have I ever mentioned I'm a night person? I suppose there are multiple reasons for this. I'm gonna list them. Why? Well why the fuck do I have a blog? I just like to share, ok? So yeah, a few reasons I'm a night person:

I am possibly an insomniac. But not really. I just can't fall asleep. Too much to think about.

Nothing good comes on TV in the mornings -- late afternoon and evening is when the good stuff comes on. And there's good TV solid through 3am -- and then there are infomercials.

Theres never any email to check early in the morning. If you sleep 'till noon, theres good shit in your inbox.

I just sleep better when the sun is up. A few reasons this might be true: 1) Less people get killed, stabbed, robbed or raped during the daytime -- true fact. So I can let my guard down during the day and be vulnerable sleeping 2) The boogyman doesn't scare people during the day. 3) I can see every nook and cranny of my apartment during the day -- no weird ass shadows freaking me out when I open my eyes. 4) When I was little I once read that demons are most active at 3am. I don't even think I believe this is true, but I swear, this thought ALWAYS occurs to me at 3am. Day time is safe to sleep. 5) The pressures off. Around 11:00pm and midnight, theres that pressure that I should be going to sleep. When the suns up there's no pressure because I'm not even supposed to be asleep.

And really, I think I just enjoy being a little sleepy. When I start to get sleepy, everything is funny. Not jsut funny, but hilarious. I just took this "Really Quick Reassuringly East Test" on OKCupid (clicky) and I loudly laughed at every single question.

And when I'm a little sleepy, music is awesome (Please indicate the word "awesome" with a mental picture of me doing the pinched fingers hand gesture to emphasize.) I go through my iTunes and everything is just the most amazing song ever.

And there's nothing you have to do at night. You're supposed to be sleeping, so you can totally waste your time. You wouldn't be doing anything if you were sleeping so it's ok.

I dont understand morning people. Like whats the benefit to getting up at 7:00am on a Saturday?

And holy shit, I just hit the paid programming jackpot! It's a Time Life 80's music infomercial. It's all clips of 80s power ballads -- WITH MUSIC VIDEOS. Oh man. "Take the passion of rock, add some power, and you've got the rock ballad." Yes, you do.


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