Dexter starts Sunday!

I usually don't get giddy. I despise perkiness and giddy is usually associated with perky. Somehow I make it work anyway. I am abso-fucking-lutly giddy about Dexter starting on Sunday.

When the commercials come on I squeal and clap. I know.

I'm paying 90 bucks a month for a sweet cable package plus Showtime so I won't have to miss ANY of it. I'm frankly surprised I haven't bought a DVD recorder so I can record the episodes. I'm considering it. Anyone know a good cheap one I can purchase? Seriously.

The new episode is playing on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and you can bet your ass I'll be watching every night.

Also, I'm so fucking happy its Friday. I was in an all-day meeting today at work. Had it not been Friday, I'd never have made it. Thank God for weekends! I came home took a nap and now im glued to sci-fi for a night of Stargate. Sweet!


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