Childhood Tragedies

Have I ever told you about the purple brontosaurus?

When I was little and still young enough that we had "recess" every afternoon, we took a field trip to the Red Mountain Museum. And whats the best part of field trips? Souvenir shops. And my momma had given me some money to buy something in the gift shop! So I scour the gift shop for something I want and can afford -- and then I find it. A purple glow-in-the-dark little plastic brontosaurus. It was the best thing ever.

And I love my little plastic purple brontosaurus. I loved him so much that when we got back to school and went to recess, I took him with me. And what do purple brontosauruses do? They play in the dirt. So I sat by a sapling near the back of the play ground and happily played with my brontosaurus. I dug a hole and covered him with dirt so he could take a nap -- and then recess was over! Teacher was blowing the whistle and it was time to go in!

And my tiny little developing brain forgot the purple brontosaurus on the playground. Of course when I realize this, I had to go rescue my purple brontosaurus! I had to have him back! I'm sure I threw a temper tantrum so hard that the teacher took me to retrieve my beloved purple brontosaurus.

But alas, I could not find him. My childish mind thought that I had indeed buried the purple brontosaurus so deep that I was unable to find it. And for days after that, every recess was spent digging by the sapling for my beloved brontosaurus. I never found him.

I still remember that brontosaurus and think of it sometimes. I didn't even have it for a whole day and how I loved it! My little plastic purple glow-in-the-dark brontosaurus. *sigh* Funny the things you remember.

And you know I couldn't have dug a freaking hole big enough to hide it. Some bastard stole my brontosaurus. And he didn't give it back! Children are just as mean.

Just thought I'd share. Ask me someday about the little plastic furskin.


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