Adult vs Child

Remember when you were little -- even a young teenager -- and getting something in the mail was a huge deal? Even a credit card application was huge. Now you have to check your mail at least weekly -- and it's all yours. And there're bills you have to pay. And thats not really fun.

Then again, you still get to experience that joy when you get a card or unexpected package!

My sister asked for my address last week so she could send me a card. I've checked my mail excitedly every day since she said that. I don't ever get cards anymore. Cards are exciting. I wonder if everyone I send holiday cards to gets excited when they see them? Thats why I send them.

Side note -- this year all my halloween cards are going to have my NEW address in them!

And when you were little you had bed times too. Now you're the one who sets your bed time and enforces it. It's awesome.

Of course now we also have to schedule our own doctors appointments and take ourselves there. And you have all these bills you didn't even know existed when you were little.

But damn, I love being an adult. It's awesome. Does everyone feel this way? Is it just because i wasn't thrilled with childhood? I don't really miss much about childhood. I still create the holiday excitement for myself - I decorate for all the holidays, send out cards, dress up for halloween, wrap presents to put under the tree, carve jack-o-lanterns, dye Easter eggs.

I think adulthood is AWESOME. Don't you?


Blogger penn said...

adulthood is getting more awesome. at first, I didn't like it -- it was all so overwhelming. but as I'm getting more practice at it, it's getting better.

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Erin said...

I adore being an adult. Even when it sucks it feels sooo good to be in control of the suck myself.

9:39 PM  

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