Inspired by "A Softer World"

After reading A Softer World: Comic 242

Is it sad or awesome or just messed up that I can totally see myself in my pajamas on the side of the road next to a friend and a dead body. Then me saying "Well thanks for bringing ME into it."

Then proceeding to lecture someone on the fact that "you can't just put a body in the fucking trunk because it's not like the bloods just gonna go away. You'll be reading about 'the strange stain in the trunk' on CNN and interviews with the neighbors you borrowed a shovel from. For fucks sake, man -- just buy the damn shovel!"

"And I don't dig. You're the one who did it -- I'll hold the damn flashlight or something."

"You know, we wouldn't have to dig a hole if we dumped the body in the ocean. Dexter dumped the bodies in the ocean -- maybe we should try that."
"Didn't treasure hunters find those bodies?"
"Yeah -- but then he dumped them in a new spot in the ocean."
"Oh. Well, we don't have a boat"
"Well we threw ethics out the window about an hour ago, we could just steal one."


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