Dexter = AWESOME

Ok I went with all caps again. But again - it's totally worthy.

My movie friend at work brought me the first two seasons of Showtime's "Dexter." I had no interest -- I'd heard of it but it just looked creepy as hell. The kind of stuff that would give me nightmares. He insisted that I would love it. I promised to watch the first two episodes (as he asked) to give it a chance.

Holy shit, I can't stop watching. I started yesterday. Now I just watched episode 6 -- the most awesome episode so far. I love it. I love Dexter. At first I felt really bad for liking this show and the star - a serial killing sociopath. But I do. He's awesome. I love it.

You must watch it. Must. That last episode had me screaming at the TV and laughing and cheering. Must. Watch. More.

Must. Sleep.

Conflicting interests. I hate that I have work in the morning! I hope I don't get through both seasons this weekend -- I'm going to be so sad when I run out of episodes!


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