I hate it here.

Anyone google-ing Park Place Apartments in Huntsville, Alabama - this post is for you. Stay the fuck away. I've had my car vandalized twice. If anything is not inside your apartment, it's going to be stolen. Even if it's chained down -- they'll steal it -- I promise you that. And if it's in your apartment -- good luck with that.

There's drive by shootings -- honest to god -- someone drove down the street and shot through one of my neighbors walls. How fucked up is that?

But you know what gets me. You know what just kills me more than anything is the trash that lives here with no respect for anyone or anything what-so-ever. They love some bass on their radios -- and god forbid you request they turn it down. I've requested in person at 3 in the god damn morning that they turn it down. I've sent the police over. I've complained to the front office -- oh their not going to turn it down, I promise you that.

What else? I'm honest to god afraid someones going to try to kill me. Just for shits. Or worse -- rape me. I'm seriously afraid that'll happen here. Drunk guys harass me and follow me home. Jackasses leave notes on my car leaving me their number.

And the front office -- sure they seem nice. They seem very nice. But two hours after you signed a new lease when you find out your car just got vandalized AGAIN -- they're not going to help you out. No way, they just want your fucking money.

I fucking hate it here. HATE IT.

Thats my rant. Not all of it -- be sure. But just a bit. Because I'm going fucking insane. I'm an absolute idiot for signing a 6 month lease to get through the summer. I'M AN IDIOT. Not that you didn't know that already.

Dexter = AWESOME

Ok I went with all caps again. But again - it's totally worthy.

My movie friend at work brought me the first two seasons of Showtime's "Dexter." I had no interest -- I'd heard of it but it just looked creepy as hell. The kind of stuff that would give me nightmares. He insisted that I would love it. I promised to watch the first two episodes (as he asked) to give it a chance.

Holy shit, I can't stop watching. I started yesterday. Now I just watched episode 6 -- the most awesome episode so far. I love it. I love Dexter. At first I felt really bad for liking this show and the star - a serial killing sociopath. But I do. He's awesome. I love it.

You must watch it. Must. That last episode had me screaming at the TV and laughing and cheering. Must. Watch. More.

Must. Sleep.

Conflicting interests. I hate that I have work in the morning! I hope I don't get through both seasons this weekend -- I'm going to be so sad when I run out of episodes!

Now, how could I resist?

I saw the cuss-o-meter over on Brand New Tattoo today. Well ofcourse I'm gonna run Silver Beetle through the thing -- lets see how much I curse on the blog...

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?
Created by OnePlusYou

Well fuck. Thats horribly disappointing, I was sure I cursed more than that. So lets round up to 20% for easy comparisons. That's 1 in 5 pages of my blog have cursing in them. Hmmm. What do they define as a "page," I wonder? At least it says thats more than 97% of other people who used the meter.

Click the meter to do some testing of your own.

High on Sunday 51

So I'm browsing iTunes -- never ends well for me -- and I'm looking at some of the artists I like and seeing if they've put out anything new. (Man, I'm awesome at run-ons) I looked up Aimee Mann. As always, I click on her Top Songs and browse the list to see if I've missed anything awesome. Aimee Mann. Her 69th most sold song on iTunes is High on Sunday 51. What the hell is that!? Thats one of my all time favorite songs. I took my AIM screen name from it for fucks sake. And it's only 69th?

I'm spreading the word here -- it's her best song. Go buy it, Illegally download it -- whatever you do -- just hear it.

Reasons Why

Reason #237 Why I have a psychiatrist.

Evidence #39 That I am so clever.

Reason #9 Why you love me.

Reason #138 Why my future neighbors are going to hate me.

Reason #3 Why my future neighbor enemy will give me props.

Reason #2 Why I love Audioslave.

Evidence #1 That that rat-bastard upstairs is driving me INSANE.

Reason #589 Why I should move. Soon.

Just a little revenge on my upstairs neighbor

Yes, my friends, that is the base speaker of my radio system approximately 3 inches from the ceiling. I'm playing Audioslave -- max bass. Surely he will get the message.

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