Tidbits: Bronchitis & Poison Ivy Edition

+ So I came home from Six Flags with poison ivy. And bronchitis. Souvenirs to go with the large stuffed tiger wearing a safari hat I won by tossing a ball into a bucket. The tigers cool. The others -- not so much.

+ Saw Ironman. Thought it was the best thing EVER. There has been discussion among my friends that Stark was not geeky enough for a genius. Stark was the most perfect asshole ever. I loved him. I thought his character was perfect. I've know more than one genius level person who was a total asshole because they knew they were smarter than everyone else. It's totally plausible that he'd be more of an ass than a geek. I'd have totally gone home with him too, if you know what I mean.

+ My car got vandalized about 2 weeks ago. I've just been too lazy to bitch about it. Someone broke the side-view mirror off for fun. People suck.

+ Got new glasses about a week ago. LOVE THEM. Today I got a super spiffy hair-cut to go with them. I'd take a picture if I were more inclined to look decent for it. Maybe tomorrow.

+I finally succumbed to my doctor's nagging for a lean-body-mass scan. I just can't see paying 50 dollars to stand on a scale. Thats beyond a rip-off. But he makes me feel really guilty when he scolds me about my health. I tell you what -- that scan was depressing as fuck. I don't need to know exactly how much of my body is fat and where it's located -- I think I can look down and tell, thank you. And yes, it would be nice to lose another 50lbs of fat. Fuck you, expensive scale. I've got about 70lbs of fluid in me though -- lets just ditch that. You can't count water weight anyway right? I totally weigh 100lbs on that logic.

+I screwed up at work. Kinda badly. It's not so bad and I fixed it easy enough. No ones pissed. I just look/feel like a MAJOR idiot. They give me some responsibility and then I go and make the dumbest rookie mistake possible. In short: I updated the software to do what it needed. We tested & validated it -- it works. And after jumping through all the hoops for 6 weeks... drumroll please... I didn't updated the version of the software in the code. In hundreds of thousands of lines of code, I forgot to change 2 minor characters. Can't we just fix that and do a diff report? No, of course not. Now I've got to go through unit testing and validation ALL OVER AGAIN. Yeah, I'm that fucking stupid. *bangs head on keyboard*


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