Six Flags Over Georgia with Crystal

Saturday, Crystal & I went to Six Flags. We were there for about 10 hours and only got to ride 7 coasters. Thats how long the lines were. Insanely long. I can't believe you pay so much to spend 95% of your day standing in line with gum chewers. HOURS OF GUM CHEWERS. And they nickel-and-dime you in every way possible which really is just disgusting. But hey, I got to ride roller coasters -- and as Crystal pointed out many times, it was great exercise.

The only roller coaster I'd ever ridden before was the Georgia Cyclone. I rode that one plus a lot more this time around. And I fit! I was scared to death through most all of them. I swore the bar was going to come unlocked and I'd fly out and die a horrible death. but it was fun. Here's my run down of the coaster we rode in the order we rode them (after the picture of us on Superman):

Goliath - This is the big one that goes all over the park -- probably my second favorite. The negative G-forces were awesome! Great choice for a starter.

Batman - HATED this one. Will never ever ever get on it again. Ever. I felt like it was 20 seconds of me praying for it to be over. That or it was longer and i just blacked out for the rest which is entirely possible. You know how you feel when you spin around 20 times and the worlds all topsey-turvey and you fall over? Well I felt like I had spun around 2 times and got punched out of it. Seriously. I had to sit down for a long time. Crystal was like "lets go get our bag and we can have a snack" and I was more like - no, I'm gonna stay here with my head down, thanks. I wouldn't be surprised if I had a concussion from my head banging around so much. Before we got on there was a "Do & Do Not sign with pictures of a guy banging his head on the ride. I was totally the Do Not man.

Mind Bender - Fun. Was having technical difficulties as I'm told it always is.

Georgia Cyclone - I liked it a lot. It was a nice and tame and no loops. And smooth. I liked it -- I like it "alot."

Superman - My favorite. I was scared shitless waiting in line for this one. Crystal made us wait forever so we could ride in the front. Which was fair. I bought the picture of us riding it too. (see above)

Great American Scream Machine - Another hated one. It was SO JERKY. It hut my back -- a lot. Wouldn't ride it again.

Georgia Scorcher - Last ride of the day. Wasn't too thrilled to ride another as I was super achy and nauseous from the GASM. Crystal said it banged here ears around a lot and they hurt. Well it killed my cartilage piercing. Very unpleasant.

We didn't ride Acrophobia as Crystal refused after i told her about the girl who got her feet cut off on one (seriously, I wasn't joking -- click the link, it wasn't even a year ago. Google it). Oh well. And Ninja was closed. We rode the buckets. Oddly enough, while Crystal loved all the coaster (her favorite was Batman), she was scare shitless of the buckets. It was kinda funny. And we rode the trolley back to the car at the end of the night because I was freaking dead.

It was a really good day. I had fun :)


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