The artist is coming back out.

I'm picking stained glass back up. Unfortunately this requires a big upfront commitment of money. I purchased 160 dollars worth of basic supplies today. I can pick up the other bits and pieces at lowes or hobby lobby. I'd really like to sell some of my work. And I have a venue -- one of my friends owns a country market in Tennessee and shes been begging me to showcase some of my work there. But the problem is how much will people pay? Stained glass is a VERY expensive hobby. And making stained glass pieces is costly - even before you try to make money and account for time. I've tried selling my work before and it didn't work out. This will be one more go at it.

Even if I don't sell it - I will enjoy the work and be proud of the pieces I create. So it won't be a total loss.

If you're interested in buying let me know. I'm going to start out making stained glass chains which would sell for about $40. I think I'll look into


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