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So the semester is quickly ending. Our last class was today which meant our last program was due today... which meant I did it yesterday. He gave us 3 options for the last project. 1: extend the last program to support splines. 2: Write a graphical user interface (in OpenGl = not convenient) to take user inputs for the hermite constraints and draw said spline. 3: pencil and paper exercise.

Well, I'm no idiot -- I'm doing the pencil and paper one -- it's gonna be so easy! So I sit down yesterday and read the assignment:
In this option, a piecewise Hermite will be fit and evaluated at two points. The task involves first determining the Hermite constraints for piecewise fitting of the appropriate curve pieces given the points:

(1,1,1), (1.5,1.5,2), (4.5, 2, 3), (5, 2, 4), (7, -1, 3), (9, 0, 4), (10, 2, 3), (12, -1, 2), (14, 0, 2), (15, 1, 3), (19.5,2.5, 4), (20, 3, 5).These points are given in the order they were measured.You must identify which constraints go with which piece and how many pieces your solution has.Once you determine the constraints, you’ll also need to clearly show how your constraints are part ofa Hermite formulation (that is, show the whole formulation for Hermites and identify the part of it that is where the constraints are specified). Your solution must maintain appropriate continuity.In addition, you will need to evaluate your solution’s Hermite formulation for the point at the 0.5 posi-tions on the first and last pieces.Be sure to show all work
Ok. Wait -- what? Thats not how we did hermite splines in class -- what the fuck am I supposed to do with that?

Well, I had no clue. Which was quite discouraging. I couldn't find anything online -- my notes were useless for this case and there was nothing in the text book about splines. Well fuck. I gotta turn something in though -- right? So I sit down and fill up 6 pages of graph paper (6 that I turned in -- about 5 more for scratch and visualizations) with my best estimates. Cause thats all I could do -- had no idea how to calculate the constraints from a bunch of freaking points. And then show is in a hermite forumlation? What that matrix forumla -- you mean just write the formula out and circle the contraints? Ok. Man I'm so gonna fail...

And then today in class he went over an example for the final. And I DID IT ALL CORRECTLY. Well, mostly -- my solution didn't maintain C2 continuity -- but that will be maybe 5 points off. Woot! I'm not quite as dumb as I thought.

Just thought I'd share.


Anonymous Leah said...

this made no sense to me, but I'm glad it worked out well for you :-) I love it when that happens.

I had something vaguely similar today. My friend and I were bitching about a final, and we were comparing answers. I brought up several answers I thought were lacking, and she said "man, that's so much better than what I put." (Conversely, she also had some better answers than me too.) I didn't feel so stupid after that.

yay for finishing a semester!

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

Yahhh, Karen. Well over my head but good for you smarty!

4:08 PM  

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