So he mocked the fact that I have my magnetic poetry in straight lines across the fridge -- and then he started making sure they were all perfectly parallel!

I totally got picked up at the bookstore the other day. First, how cool is that!? I don't even go to the book store usually. I was there because my mom was supposed to be in the paper (interview for a heart health article and her clusterfuck of a heart attack). I went to Barnes & Noble on my lunch break but they didn't have the Birmingham News. They said they never have -- fuck them I used to work there and yes we did. Not that I'm bitter.

So after work I go to Books A Million (I called, they had it). I'm sitting in the cafe flipping through the paper (mom wasn't in it --boo) and a guy walks up and asks if I just like to hang out in book stores.

He was the (cute) guy who opened the door for me at Barnes and Noble that afternoon -- what a coincidence. So we talked for forever in the cafe. Then the next day (AKA last night) we had dinner at Zaxbys (had to have something close to the bookstore). And after his tennis match, I had him over for a hot fudge sunday. We tangoed. It was awesome.

And then I offended him.

Dammit, right? He's cute and super funny too. I didn't mean to :( I tried to smooth it over on the phone tonight -- hope it worked. Apparently it will take 4 dinners to make it up (down from the going rate of 10). But Neal, we gotta discuss that more because I'm breaking the 3rd date rule and having you over for dinner early AND I already had you over to my house last night. I made you a hot fudge sunday. With crushed peanuts. 2 dinners. I'll make homemade pizza -- I've never made my homemade pizza for ANYONE before. Oh wait we decided on chili and grilled cheese. I'll buy the expensive havarti cheese -- so that counts. (Yall, grilled cheese with 1 slice sharp cheddar and 1 slice white havarti -- heaven)


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Dude. How effin' cool is it that you got picked up at the bookstore?

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