Actual "conversation" I just had on AIM:

10:57:10 PM morgo*: good luck finding someone in real life or okcupid
10:59:17 PM offbeatcynic: ?
10:59:28 PM offbeatcynic: im actually dating someone right this sec**
10:59:30 PM offbeatcynic: who are you?
10:59:44 PM morgo: oh ok
10:59:51 PM morgo: i hope it all works out for ya
11:00:02 PM offbeatcynic: why are you IMing me?
11:00:07 PM morgo: have a good one
11:00:08 PM offbeatcynic: was that a sarcastic or genuine good luck?
11:00:12 PM offbeatcynic: WTF

Thats the whole thing. I'm so confused.


* I cropped off some of the weird persons name.

** Ok not sure what and when you say you're "dating" someone. Technically, I suppose I'm seeing a lot of (and kissing) a guy I really want to be dating. With perfect hair. And arms.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so who's this guy your "dating"?

2:54 PM  

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