Busy Busy

I have been busy and stressed lately. Lots going on. Works been a little stressful with the new project. Stress is good though it means I'm stretching my abilities with new things. Which is good.

The semester is FINALLY over! Woot! Of course that just means I have to start a new one -- but I get a month off which is very nice.

I've not really had any time lately. My movies to watch has stacked up to include the following:

+Farce of the Penguins -- borrowed from Matt & Erin and still haven't had time to watch it. Sound s like a fake movie so I can't wait to watch it.

+Wimbledon -- one of my latest netflixes.

+Monty Python's The Meaning of Life -- my other netflix.

+Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - bought this from Netflix to complete my collection. Have to watch it because the guarantee their movies so I need to make sure it has no skips or anything.

+The Holiday -- same as the last -- bought it and gotta make sure it has no skips. Awesome movie BTW.

+Superbad - guy at work loaned me this one. No I haven't seen it. I'm sure I'll love it though.

Hey and did I telll you I ordered new glasses? I'm beyond excited. Can't wait till the get here! There will be pictures, I promise. They're freakishly similar to my old pair they just have a little shaper design. My face is sharper now so these should work nicely. I got transitions lenses too -- very excited. They cost me way too much money -- 200 bucks out of pocket after insurance. Which is insane. Optometrists are such a rip off. I could have gotten them online (how I ordered my last pair) with better lenses and all the coatings I wanted for less than I paid out of pocket. And lets not forget what insurance paid. It's insane the markup in a doctors office. INSANE.

But I'm still super excited. I have felt so unsexy wearing my ancient glasses. And now that Jack put a nice little chip in them, its even worse. So I cant wait to have a sexy pair on my face again! Don't get me wrong. My ancient glasses are nicer frames. Best frames I've ever had -- cherry-red titanium, half "frameless" -- but I bought these when I was fat and had a super fat face. They looked great on my fat face -- they just dont fit my skinny face at all.

So excited about my new glasses on the way. Tomorrow I might call to see if they know when they'll get them in -- I'm hoping they'll come early. Have to wait because I had them order a new pair rather than use what they had on display. I dont think thats an odd thing to do -- but apparently no one had ever done that before according to the tech. I want brand new frames that a million people haven't tried on with the hinges being opened and closed countless times. Yes I'll pay 5 dollars shipping to get a brand new pair.

Yay for no school and new glasses!

Also, looks like Crystal and I (sure I'm willing to invite others) are going to go to six flags this month. I need to write over the memory of the only other time I went to six flags - when I was too big to fit on the roller coaster. One of the worst moments of my life, thank you. Crystal was there and remembers it too -- not that I need reminding. So I've never ridden roller coasters. I was too fat. So it's going to be awesome. And not just as in fun -- but it will be a milestone in my life that I've waited on for a long time. I hope we make it happen!

Wait what?

So the semester is quickly ending. Our last class was today which meant our last program was due today... which meant I did it yesterday. He gave us 3 options for the last project. 1: extend the last program to support splines. 2: Write a graphical user interface (in OpenGl = not convenient) to take user inputs for the hermite constraints and draw said spline. 3: pencil and paper exercise.

Well, I'm no idiot -- I'm doing the pencil and paper one -- it's gonna be so easy! So I sit down yesterday and read the assignment:
In this option, a piecewise Hermite will be fit and evaluated at two points. The task involves first determining the Hermite constraints for piecewise fitting of the appropriate curve pieces given the points:

(1,1,1), (1.5,1.5,2), (4.5, 2, 3), (5, 2, 4), (7, -1, 3), (9, 0, 4), (10, 2, 3), (12, -1, 2), (14, 0, 2), (15, 1, 3), (19.5,2.5, 4), (20, 3, 5).These points are given in the order they were measured.You must identify which constraints go with which piece and how many pieces your solution has.Once you determine the constraints, you’ll also need to clearly show how your constraints are part ofa Hermite formulation (that is, show the whole formulation for Hermites and identify the part of it that is where the constraints are specified). Your solution must maintain appropriate continuity.In addition, you will need to evaluate your solution’s Hermite formulation for the point at the 0.5 posi-tions on the first and last pieces.Be sure to show all work
Ok. Wait -- what? Thats not how we did hermite splines in class -- what the fuck am I supposed to do with that?

Well, I had no clue. Which was quite discouraging. I couldn't find anything online -- my notes were useless for this case and there was nothing in the text book about splines. Well fuck. I gotta turn something in though -- right? So I sit down and fill up 6 pages of graph paper (6 that I turned in -- about 5 more for scratch and visualizations) with my best estimates. Cause thats all I could do -- had no idea how to calculate the constraints from a bunch of freaking points. And then show is in a hermite forumlation? What that matrix forumla -- you mean just write the formula out and circle the contraints? Ok. Man I'm so gonna fail...

And then today in class he went over an example for the final. And I DID IT ALL CORRECTLY. Well, mostly -- my solution didn't maintain C2 continuity -- but that will be maybe 5 points off. Woot! I'm not quite as dumb as I thought.

Just thought I'd share.

Actual "conversation" I just had on AIM:

10:57:10 PM morgo*: good luck finding someone in real life or okcupid
10:59:17 PM offbeatcynic: ?
10:59:28 PM offbeatcynic: im actually dating someone right this sec**
10:59:30 PM offbeatcynic: who are you?
10:59:44 PM morgo: oh ok
10:59:51 PM morgo: i hope it all works out for ya
11:00:02 PM offbeatcynic: why are you IMing me?
11:00:07 PM morgo: have a good one
11:00:08 PM offbeatcynic: was that a sarcastic or genuine good luck?
11:00:12 PM offbeatcynic: WTF

Thats the whole thing. I'm so confused.


* I cropped off some of the weird persons name.

** Ok not sure what and when you say you're "dating" someone. Technically, I suppose I'm seeing a lot of (and kissing) a guy I really want to be dating. With perfect hair. And arms.

Today sucked. Hard. And with Teeth.

Holy shit, today was horrible. And I hope you've seen enough Red vs Blue to know that I say that the same way Griff does when he's amused & surprised by something Simmons says. It's a very specific way.

And now thinking of that has convinced me that I should go watch some Red vs Blue. This makes me feel much better.

Damn I hate having a job. No make that "hate having to have a job."

Welcome to Spring

My car is covered in pollen. Grape Hyacinth is everywhere. And I saw two butterflies today. One was a gorgeous Monarch. Welcome to spring :)

Time for the yearly bathing suit shot!

Every year since my weight loss surgery, I've ended up having a bathing suit shot of myself. Time for 2008. And I promise I didn't even photoshop it -- just cropped. Click it to go to the flickr for zoomy goodness.

Bathing Suit Shot

And then to make myself not over analyze my hips, here's a comparison shot -- they're both me, people:


Oh and the stats: 3 years after RNY. Currently 175lbs. Was probably around 340lbs in the "before" shot. Still 5'4". BMI = 30.

So he mocked the fact that I have my magnetic poetry in straight lines across the fridge -- and then he started making sure they were all perfectly parallel!

I totally got picked up at the bookstore the other day. First, how cool is that!? I don't even go to the book store usually. I was there because my mom was supposed to be in the paper (interview for a heart health article and her clusterfuck of a heart attack). I went to Barnes & Noble on my lunch break but they didn't have the Birmingham News. They said they never have -- fuck them I used to work there and yes we did. Not that I'm bitter.

So after work I go to Books A Million (I called, they had it). I'm sitting in the cafe flipping through the paper (mom wasn't in it --boo) and a guy walks up and asks if I just like to hang out in book stores.

He was the (cute) guy who opened the door for me at Barnes and Noble that afternoon -- what a coincidence. So we talked for forever in the cafe. Then the next day (AKA last night) we had dinner at Zaxbys (had to have something close to the bookstore). And after his tennis match, I had him over for a hot fudge sunday. We tangoed. It was awesome.

And then I offended him.

Dammit, right? He's cute and super funny too. I didn't mean to :( I tried to smooth it over on the phone tonight -- hope it worked. Apparently it will take 4 dinners to make it up (down from the going rate of 10). But Neal, we gotta discuss that more because I'm breaking the 3rd date rule and having you over for dinner early AND I already had you over to my house last night. I made you a hot fudge sunday. With crushed peanuts. 2 dinners. I'll make homemade pizza -- I've never made my homemade pizza for ANYONE before. Oh wait we decided on chili and grilled cheese. I'll buy the expensive havarti cheese -- so that counts. (Yall, grilled cheese with 1 slice sharp cheddar and 1 slice white havarti -- heaven)

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