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Goodness, has it been 2 weeks? I've been neglecting the blog. I'm sorry.

I made a 96.5 (out of 100) on my Computer Graphics test! I'm so excited! On the previous one, I made a 90. And it wasn't all easy stuff either -- there are scribblings of matrix math and diagrams and all sorts of cool mathy things all over it. 96.5! Woot!

Oh and speaking of woot, I ordered 3 random shirts from shirt.woot. I got them in three different womens sizes: medium, large, and xl. I'm a normal medium but these shirts supposedly run super small and I want to know what size i am for future purchases (shirt.woot.com has a tshirt everyday -- they're 10 bucks with shipping included and some are super awesome). So I figured random shirts would be a great way to figure out what size I am in their shirts.

It shipped via smartpost -- which of course means it will be well over the 5-7 day time frame -- as always. I tell you what -- smart post is a piece of shit. How are they still in business? Google it sometime -- you'll see -- it's shit. But 10 dollars with shipping included -- I'll wait. And woots awesome about replacing shirts that never come.

Also, unrelated, I have a 8gig black zune -- unopened and brand new for sale. I won it at a convention -- but I use Apple & iTunes. Plus money is good. It's 180 at Target and 175 at Walmart. I know because I tried to return it to both as a "gift" -- no go. Target apparently changed their policy about returns. Bastards. Anyway -- so I'm selling it. Make me an offer. Though be warned, I fully expect to get near retail price for it.


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