My glasses broke last night. My super cute, stylish, only pair. And no, it wasn't Jacks fault (for once). It is my ex's fault. He rolled over on them and stressed the metal hinge (details have been changed to protect my reputation -- but blame still lies on the same guilty party). They finally gave out last night.


Lenscrafters is the only store with an eye doctor working today (Sunday) but they didn't have any appointments. So I went and sat in their office for 2 hours hoping they could fit me in. Then when they finally called me up, she told me they didn't take blue cross insurance. WTF? You couldn't have told me this 2 hours ago!? And on top of that, I didn't find any frames I particularly liked.

While I was waiting, I asked the lab techs if they could fix mine -- they said no. They discussed it amongst themselves (no jewelry stores or local optical stores could fix them) and decided my best hope was this place that doesn't deal with the public -- but they gave me their phone number and told me to call and ask about it anyway. I'll do that first thing Monday.

I really don't see why anyone can't fix them (the hinge broke). These are 300 dollar designer frames, dammit -- someone ought to be able to replace the fucking hinge.

I'm currently wearing a pair that I had made over 4 years ago. They're giving me a wretched headache but at least they'll do -- thank God. They certainly aren't going to work for long -- I replaced them for a reason. Plus they just aren't attractive on my new skinny face. And all the special coatings have worn off so I can see the reflection of my eyeball in them. That's really not cool.

I had saved some money to treat my mom to a fancy dinner and such next weekend, but now it looks like I'll have to spend that to get my glasses. Ugh!


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