"He's not abused, I promise"

So I went out to take my laundry down to the laundry room (man, I cant WAIT till I have my own washer/dryer) and Jack ran out as usual. Only lately he's be going a lot further than the bush outside the door -- he runs down the stairs. So I figured I'd let him have his fun and when I came back he'd be wanting to come back in. I was gone MAYBE 3 minutes.

I walk back up and see that 2 women are by my door. Oh, lord -- hes attracted the neighbors again. He had come right back to the door and started wailing to get in. Nathan says he's a siren -- he can be loud when he wants something. The 2 women were doting on him and petting him and - im sure - talking about taking him home. I told him he was mine and they were telling me how hes been wailing at my door (common, only for 2 minutes). I opened the door and he ran inside so I let them come in and explained that he just does that -- hes not abused or anything. Then both he and Tabitha crowded around to investigate the new people.

Fucking cat.

Last night I yelled at a neighbor for abusing his dog (VERY bad idea in retrospect -- I know). And now It looks like I'm abusing my cats. And I already feel terrible because I had to clip their nails today and you'd think they were being tortured by the way they sound when I do it.

And now the poor tortured cat is purring next to me. And any minute he'll go in the kitchen and eat the tuna fish I put out for them this afternoon. Then he'll take a drink out of his water fountain and mosey on back to bring me one of his 50 toys. And then Tabitha will come join us and lick his head. Then she'll curl up in the blanket on the couch and be as far as possible from her past as a stray who was so starved (and most likely abused) that her growth was stunted.

Poor poor abused creatures.


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