One of my friends came over to watch a movie tonight (Gattica). It was kind of a last minute thing. She actually walked in on me making rice krispies treats and bitching with the neighbor, Kathy (whos moving this saturday -- I'll miss her). Kathy excused herself since I had company and I continued with my "cooking" while my friend sat on the couch.

Then she starts telling me about something that reminded her of me today. I love when people think of me! So she starts off with "We were looking at trailers..." Wait -- thats not cool. I don't want to give off the kind of vibe that you are reminded of in trailer parks.

But she continued on that the nicest trailer was actually the cheapest. Apparently it was the oldest. However, the woman who lived there had decorated it and made it comfortable and she said it was "homey" and definitely the best.

Awww. Thats really very sweet.

I don't take compliments well. And I figure everyone who tells me they love my apartment and what I've done with it is placing a "for what it is" or an "even though" on the end. But this was just so... sweet. It wasn't a way she was trying to compliment me -- it wasn't something she racked her brain for. And it's a compliment like that that makes me stop stirring the marshmallows and look up at the wall and smile. I knew she meant it.


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