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Mom was coming in to spend the night Thursday -- I knew she'd be at my place any moment -- but I still had to go to class. When I get to UAH, I park and roll up my windows -- only it doesn't go. So I went over and tried to push it up -- no go. I tried to grab it and pull it -- no go. So I start wiggling it. I push it down -- and oh shit. Did I really just do that?

Of course, it didn't come back up up. Ugh. Now it was all the way down and wasn't going to budge. I went to class anyway and I was SURE it would be gone when I got out. I was so sick with anxiety that my stomach was lurching and I was about to vomit. But it was there when I got out.

I took it to Firestone but they didn't have time to look at it that day so they told me to bring it back Friday. Well I can't leave the car in my parking lot with the window down! Not in my neighborhood! So I left it with them overnight and paid 20 dollars for them to look at it. They called me Friday and said it would cost 480 dollars to fix. I told them to just stick it back up -- it didn't have to work -- I just wanted it closed. They said it would be 180 for the labor and it would just fall back down. So I told them not to touch it and I'd be there to pick it up in 30 minutes. He bickered about how he wasn't trying to rip me off and he was trying to "do the right thing." First, mechanics hardly ever do the right thing by women. I had oddly enough, just read an article on CNN about that that day. But regardless -- I didn't have that money and theres no way I could get it.

Momma (who was there) said I should just pay them for it and she'd get the money from dad. Fuck that, I'm not paying them 500 dollars. And it'll be a cold day in Hell before I pay someone 200 dollars to unscrew a fucking door panel.

Oh and did I mention how perfect the timing was? I don't mean that sarcastically either -- it was so wonderful that mom had come up just in time to help me out with the repairs. I don't mean money-wise; I mean having someone to drive me to the mechanics and back and forth and we could use her car while mine was getting fixed -- it was perfect.

So I called Volkswagen of Huntsville. I've taken my car there before. I told them the problem (I knew what the part was, but I've since forgotten) and asked for an estimate on getting it fixed. He gave me a quote for the labor, told me he'd have to speak with the parts department to get the total price but he wanted to look something up and he put me on hold. He came back and said that there had been a warranty extension on the windows of 7 years and there was a possibility that my 2001 was still under that warranty. He put me on hold again to look it up. I told mom to pray real hard LOL.

He came back and said I missed it by a WEEK! The car was made in February and it's March. Dammit! Seriously? And then he was like - wait - wait -- the car wasn't bought until June so it's still covered! WOOT!

So I start listening off everything I want fixed on the car -- the air-conditioning doesn't work, I need a new tail light assembly, the check-engine-light has been on solid for the past 3 years... And then he said it was just for the window. Dammit. But AWESOME!

So I dropped it off with them. I signed some paper work and asked them to go ahead and take care of all the recalls I've been ignoring while they were at it (something about a catalyst and the brake light switch). The only complaint I have is that they don't give any time estimates. I didn't get one and neither did anyone else I spoke to. Whatever though -- it wasn't a problem since mom was with me.

I picked it up next day (Saturday) and didn't even have to sign anything. It didn't cost me a penny. And they went ahead and updated the other door too since it was likely to go soon too (I requested this be done).


The whole thing just fell into place and worked out perfectly -- it was barely a glitch on the map. How awesome is that? God is good.


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Anonymous Crystal said...

Dude, that's awesome.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Just A Girl said...

Praise God indeed!
That's awesome.

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