Mom's coming up in a week to see our favorite band in concert. They just announced today that they're guitarist quit -- what the hell is that? I hope it won't be hugely noticable. At least I saved up money to take her out to a swanky restaurant. And if I can get a few Saturday appointments, we may do some apartment shopping.

I'm looking to move. I'll either move when my lease is up in April or sign a 6 month lease (the shortest they offer) and stay until October. The big problem is knowing what is a good neighborhood and what isn't. Obviously Madison is nice, but there's only 2 in my price range there -- one I'm told is a wretched place and the other just raised their rent and doesn't have anything available for months. And sure I can wait -- but I'd like to at least get to see one to know if it's worth waiting for. Then there's some over on Wynn across from the post office. They seem nice enough - and there's no other apartments over there. However they are behind a car dealership -- which just jumps out at me as bad. They are in the top spot at the moment though so we'll see how the tour goes. I also plan to drive by on Friday or Saturday night and get a feel for the neighbors, if you know what i mean.


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Apartments come up pretty frequently for discussion on the huntsville livejournal community. The above link has a few threads that might be worth perusing.

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