Jack cleaned up.

Usually I come home to find whatever new mess Jack has made -- he has a habit for destroying various things while I'm gone. It's not his fault -- he gets bored. But today... today he cleaned...

I found Roomba stuck on a feather and my apartment covered in its telltale cross-hatch tracks. I haven't had Roomba out in quite a while due to battery problems -- so it was a nice surprise.

Thank you, Jack & Tabitha. That was really sweet of you.

Of course I find myself more and more disturbed at their intelligence. They turned Roomba on -- and stopped Roomba. Sure, they might have accidently turned it on -- probably did -- but Jack knows that when he brings Roomba toys, it stops.

They also know how to turn the electric blanket on (by jumping off the bed and landing on the button, I surmise).

It's fucking creepy.


Blogger Tel said...

I wish I had your cats.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Did you miss the part about the destroying things? He chews on my laptop.

8:52 PM  

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