Holy Shit! We have a safari!

I was meandering around the internet tonight and discovered that Huntsville Alabama has its very own no-cages drive-through SAFARI. With Zebras and shit. On my side of town too! Holy shit! Why don't I ever know about these things!?

Look at this Zebra practically licking the guys window: http://huntsville.about.com/od/photogallery/ss/harmonypark_3.htm

I can't find a webpage for them but it's called "Harmony Park Animal Preserve." And it's open from March to November and it's only 7 bucks and you drive your own car through it -- and they have baby deer and zebras and all sorts of cool shit. I'm going March 1st. There will be pictures.

Holy Shit -- Mom's coming up on March 7th! WE'RE GOING.


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