BAD: Today I found out the co-ops make more money than me. The co-ops who have less school and less time at the company than me. Dude, that hurts. I already figured I'd take the highest bidder when I graduate and I felt like maybe I owed my company some kind of loyalty -- but no. No I don't. At least that's settled, eh?

GOOD: Thing I'm looking forward to the most:

I got tickets for me and mom to see Third Day in March. I love Third Day and Mom loves Third Day and we're both super excited. And it makes me so happy to give her that -- that something to look forward to and excitement. And She has a reason to come visit me and stay the night! I've already been planning that I'd take her out to dinner one evening and cook us something elaborate (and healthy) for dinner the other night -- and I'll cook here a healthy breakfast too. It's gonna be awesome. I'm looking forward to it greatly. Between buying the tickets and saving money to take her out, I dont know that I'll be able to afford it -- but I'd like to buy a Third Day T-Shirt too -- A MEDIUM ONE!

BAD: Speaking of size -- I feel so fat! I've gained a slight bit of weight -- now I'm 170lbs.

GOOD: That weight is nothing compared to how much I've lost (150lbs @ 170lbs -- had lost almost 160 overall). And I'm still a MEDIUM top (Large bottom -- I've got a large ass. A great ass though -- it's what i get the most compliments on. Well, second to facial features -- what can I say, I'm hot now). And I wear a size 12 pants. -- I have some super sexy jeans now -- LOVE THEM. And I ordered some spring tops (pink & yellow) and new khakis to wear.

Work gave out the yearly work shirt (polos with the company logo) and they only gave out mens sizes -- I had to get a SMALL. How awesome is that?


Blogger Tel said...

You deserve a pair of Seven Jeans! Go on wit' yo bad self, girl!

8:46 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Thank ya :)

8:54 PM  

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