The Crazies Are Escaping!

I was going to post about how much I hate UPS -- and I was even gonna title it "Why I Hate UPS" -- but then I realized I already did a "Why I Hate" Post this week and we just don't need that much hate around here. Even though I could work in "Undignified Piss-Ant Shit-Heads" for the acronym.

But rather let me pass on a thought I had on my way home from the UPS center this evening...

I drove past the mental care center that I live next to (convenient eh? -- but no my psych doesn't work there -- I think it's more of a commit-you thing). So I drive past like always and there's a car in the drive with its lights on and the trunk open and a guy standing next to it -- and my first thought is:

"Oh man, the crazies are escaping!"

Heh, hiding in the trunk. LOL. I found myself quite amusing.

As a certified crazy, medicated person with a psychiatrist and a therapist, I can crack on my fellow crazies all I want. You cant. But I can. And thats a shame for you, because it's fucking funny.


Blogger Michael said...

You cant.

Oh yes I can!

Btw, I finished World War Z :) Outstanding book..

8:35 AM  

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