Cat Antics

Today I woke up to find many of Jacks toys in the toilet & one of my upper kitchen cabinets emptied. Most notably, all the new rolls of paper towels that had been in the cabinet were now in the trash can. What the fuck, Jack?

Tabitha was curled up on the electric blanket that one of them had turned on.

Today is a study day -- meaning I have a test this evening so I took the day off from work to cram. The kitties are always noticeably pleased to have me home -- they follow me around and try to get my attention. So while studying at the kitchen table, Jack kept laying across my notebook. Then when he realized that I wasn't having any of that, he decided it was more fun to lay next to it and flip the pages when my attention was diverted to the text book.

Tabitha sat in a plastic bag in the chair next to me.

Now that I'm on the couch typing on the computer, they're both curled up next to me purring.

Damn - they grow on you, don't they?

I am quite blessed to live my own apartment which is inhabited by these affectionate & playful furballs. I love my home :)


Anonymous Erin said...

I wuv dem.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Tel said...

Wait until they start pissing in the carpet. And leaving a turd at the foot of your bed because you didn't wake up soon enough to give them their expensive, canned food.


9:09 AM  

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