Update on Mom

Mom finally got to go home from the hospital today -- Thursday evening. She had a very serious heart attack around 2 AM on Friday morning. She passed out and couldn't wake my sister and finally after about an hour crawled to a phone and called my other sister. That sister called an ambulance.

The ambulance arrived and incompetent idiots thought they could make a diagnosis. They told her she had a virus. They didn't give her aspirin. They didn't give her oxygen. They didn't check her blood pressure. They didn't take her to the hospital. In fact, they told her she didn't need to go.

I'm going to take a break here to talk to all the women out there. Apparently no one in my family new this -- my coworkers didn't know this -- my friends didn't know this. A heart attack is not the same in women. It is harder to detect -- it's very different -- it can be mistaken for the flu -- and it doesn't have to hurt. Mom was in no pain at all -- she was just getting weaker by the moment.

Cindy thankfully drove her to the hospital (where she works) immediately anyway. She saved her life. Had they waited any longer, shed have died. They were able to put in a few stints without surgery and clean out her arteries. Hopefully thats all she will need. She had a pump pumping her heart for her but they were able to get her off that on Sunday. She got out of intensive care on Monday and finally left the hospital today, Thursday.

She's staying with my brother and his family while she recovers -- and HOPEFULLY she will sell her house and stay with them until she can catch a breath and get on her feet financially again.

Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes and support. My friends and coworkers have been so wonderfully supportive. I knew I have been building such a wonderful life for myself and surrounding myself with friends -- but I did not realize how many people really are there for me. I think to say it's touching would be trite -- I've no good word for it. But it means a lot to me.


Blogger Tel said...

Shame on those EMT people! That fucking sucks, dude. Seriously. That's why it's so important for women to know the warning signs, and INSIST on a stress test for their heart even though their doctors don't think they need one.

I'm so glad your mom got help. Thank god.

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