Photoshop meet Funny

These videos have to be some of the funniest things made for YouTube. And the best is Number 3 -- so You have to watch that one first. It's seriously one of the most amusing things I've seen. It had me in tears this morning.

These are photoshop tutorials. And they're fucking funny. Seriously.

Start with Number 3 -- Click here if the video below doesn't work (

Then once that one has you hooked -- you can click here ( to watch video #2 (Tel, you'll love this one)

And the here for #3 (


Blogger Michael said...

#3 was definitely the best.

Not bad at all.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Tel said...

OMG - the piss_factor.jpg one? Hilarious. The videos are pretty funny. :) (DONNY!)

8:28 AM  
Blogger Just A Girl said...

omg, that's great.

hahaah - my word verification = qumsexvd

8:28 AM  

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