I wanna be a rockstar! But I aint got what it takes...

Fake album cover time! I totally stole this meme from "Nothing to Show but Brand New Tattoo" because it's freaking awesome. And you can do it yourself too! Just use these links (or scroll ahead to mine):

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random - The first article title is the name of your band.

2. http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3 - The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

3. http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/ - The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

Now take your picture, add the band name and title to it, then post it.

Here's my first attempt: Long Trail Brewing Company presents their debut album! Eating Frozen Radio Dinners!

Album Cover 1

(Here's the original photo on flickr)


Blogger Just A Girl said...

Kick ass....i love it.

8:24 AM  

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