I have come to the conclusion...

Someone has stolen my DVD player remote control. I've searched everywhere for it. I've moved all the furniture. I've cleaned under all the shelves. I even cleaned under the refridgerator.** It is not here. If you have any information about its whereabouts, please email me.

I've also decided that it would be a very evil passive-aggressive revenge tactic to take someone's remote control. Especially if it's one they won't miss right away. Then they'll spend days searching for it. They'll ransack their entire house and be driven crazy and they'll never find it. How evil is that? It's a lot evil -- that's what it is.

Footnotes: **Under the fridge appears to be Jack's treasure chest. I was not aware so much could possibly be under there. There were cat toys, bottle caps, freshness seals, and an ungodly amount of candy. Bon bons, star busts, skittles, easter candy, valentines candy, blow pops and the end of a bread stick. I give Jack the freshness seals from my milk-cartons. He loves them. And I've never actually questioned where they all go. Now I know. But there was no remote control :(


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