Consultation with the plastic surgeon -- I need 12,000 dollars, please.

I met with a plastic surgeon today. It was remarkably uncomfortable and embarrassing. I knew it would be, of course. Standing naked in front of two strangers while one of them pulls on your fat and tells you all the medical terms for your most embarrassing imperfections is just not that pleasant, you know? But I know what I want to do and I know how much it will cost.

Of course cost is the factor that limits me. I am seeking financing but I don't think I can be approved (have been turned down twice) and even if I am -- the monthly payments will be beyond what I can afford. They say money isn't everything -- but it kinda is, really.

Ideally, I would get my abdomen and arms done right now. I've no desire to touch my breasts and I'm not looking to be sculpted into a bikini worthy body. And my legs are still changing so no point in doing them yet. My priority is my arms. We discussed what would be done and I would get an extended procedure that would go slightly past my elbow and also take care of under my arm next to my breasts.

I'd like to get my abdomen done at that same time (as unrealistic as that might be). He discussed how he would do it and at this time I'm not going to get the muscles tightened. I want to have a baby eventually and I don't want to be messing that up. He will however get rid of the ungodly amount of extra skin and fix the fact that I have 3 "fat"/skin rolls even though I'm a freaking size medium. I'd like that. A lot. Not as much as I'd like my arms done, but a lot.

The total for both procedures (which could realistically be done at the same time with a recovery schedule that would work with my work vacation) is 10,800 dollars. They told me to go ahead and get a loan for at least 500 more to cover any financing fees and tests I might need. So 11,300 -- might as well get approved for 11,500 just incase. Insurance won't cover a lick of it -- I already knew that. 11,500 is beyond worth it -- thats like buying a used car -- except that it's buying a body -- which is way better.

If I get arms only (with an overnight hospital stay -- which I prefer) extended slightly longer than usual along the arm plus a little under the arm would be a total cost of 5,800 dollars. So like 6,300 - 6,500.

I want this. It looks like I can't have it right now -- but I know I WILL eventually. And I'm going to do everything possible to go ahead and at least do my arms. Financing probably won't work out -- but the Lord works in mysterious (sometimes aggravating) ways so we'll see what happens :) I'm applying for lots of medical loans to see if I can get anyone to approve me with an affordable monthly payment. As soon as I get the money, it's happening.


Anonymous Crystal said...

So I have a bit of a brainstorm for you. Just a suggestion and you can totally shoot me down. If the arms are your priority at $6,500 then I think I may know how you can do that. You can get a visa card with an introductory rate of 0% APR and assuming you have a (ehumm) household income of $40K you can get anywhere from $6k on to $8K depending on the card and your credit score. That’s how Jamin got me into bad card debt-such a high limit. Then you can make payments where even the minimum could make a dent being that you’ll not incur interest. Then when the year runs up and interest starts to incur you can transfer the balance to an other 0%APR introductory transfer rate. Shred the card so you lose temptation and I know you’ll set up an online account for monitoring. If you find that you can’t get such a high limit then you could get two cards and pay that way. Yes, I recognize the extremity of such desperate financing…but it’s just a brainstorm.

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

I'm not a financing major so forgive me, but maybe you could do a secured loan to your beetle (if paid for). A secured lone rate is far lower than a loan where there isn't any tangible collateral. Last time I checked the market (when I got my car Nov 07) the rate was 8-9% for prime plus. Yeah that’s high but it’s lower than the cc’d standard of 13% after the into 0%APR. Sorry to spam your page…I just want you happy girl. You’ve been a good friend for a long time. I love ya!

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure you already know but just in case, I had a friend that had the bypass surgery and she said that BCBS would cover some plastic surgery on the midsection/stomach if the loose skin over hang was enough to come down and cover the privates. Then it is a health risk and insurance covers it. I am considering the surgery if I get me disability approved... and by the way hi from a single gay guy in south Huntsville :)

12:37 AM  

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