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I bought the new Seether album. It sounded pretty good in clips and the radio single "Fake It" is kinda awesome. And I gotta say, some of these songs would be way better if you cut out the pointless screaming. And hey, I'm all for some screaming rock music -- but it really seems to detract from these particular songs.

I'm speaking especially about "Like Suicide" & and "FMLYHM". Both of them would be rated 4 or even 5 stars if they just didn't have the damn screaming parts. They're both awesome -- aside from that. I'm not particularly good at talking intelligently about music so I guess the best I can do is -- the rhythm, lyrics & general sound start out excellent (seriously awesome) -- and then the screaming cuts in. And come on -- can I get a version with that cut out? 'Cause I was feeling it right before that.

*Sigh* They could have been my new favorite songs but no...


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