Pants and why I'm so picky about them.

For Christmas, my boyfriend gave me the means to buy lots of spiffy new clothes at Old Navy (my favorite store). He's awesome like that. I told my mom this and she was really glad because she hadn't bought me many for Christmas even though thats what I wanted. She cited a few reasons for this: 1, I don't even know my size as it is constantly changing. And 2, I'm so picky about pants.

I'm not really that picky about pants. Not at all. I just automatically veto most of them. This isn't my fault -- this is the pant makers fault. Most pants come in a thin drapey type of fabric or stretchy material. Both of these are unacceptable. Pants should not be drapey. For people with gorgeous legs, thats fine. My legs are fat and shaped like ice-cream cones. I will not where fabric that drapes my fat. I also will not where fabric that stretches over my fat and shows every curve I have. I have a lot of great sexy curves, don't get me wrong -- but not all of them are great.

Most pants are also too light (as in weight). I should be able to feel that I am wearing pants. We used to have good heavy pants -- canvas and heavy denim. Hell, now even jeans are thin and stretchy. Those aren't jeans, people.

I think corduroy pants would be great. I've wanted a great pair of corduroy pants for a long time now. I've never found a pair thats not stretchy. I want a pair of boot-cut or wide-leg heavy corduroy pants. And the thick corduroy too -- not that skinny stuff. How awesome would that be? They make these for very tiny children but not adults. I want some heavy corduroy pants, dammit.

I want a couch in a nice heavy corduroy too. I know that has nothing to do with pants but it would be awesome.


Blogger Just A Girl said...

I am way too picky about pants.

I'm not quite petite and not quite tall, but the average pants are always either high waters or too long. It's impossible to find a decent fit.

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

I agree. The fabric needs to be heavy and I don't want my ASS to fall out when I sit down! Is that too much to ask? I'm an accountant not a plumber!

10:32 AM  

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