Happy New Year!

Well, there are 2 hours left in the year 2007, so I feel obligated to post a review to ring in 2008 properly. 2007: a review. Here's the highlights:

* Biked a lot early in the year -- even up to 8 miles at a time on multiple occasions.

* Purchased a roomba, used a roomba, had my roomba die.

* Had my bike stolen. Got a better bike.

* Read all the Harry Potter books -- loved them.

* I lost another 45 pounds on my way to great hotness. As well as 7.5 inches in my chest alone just this year (tune in later for totals).

* Got an engineering job -- real, permanent, career employment.

* Made even more friends (Hello to Chad, Beth & Mike to name a few).

* Came very close to death due to gangrene and a string of incompetent doctors. Related: Had surgery.

* Started running -- even up to a mile :)

* Had an awesome dating experience which included a wonderful 3 months.

* Had the best birthday ever due to an abundance of loved ones in my life.

* Hosted a spiffy Halloween party in my home.

* Had some great new experiences including attending a ballet, a symphony, a quirky art house production, and my first camping experience.

All in all, my best year yet! I hope 2008 is as good -- though I think 2007 is going to be hard to beat.


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