"It's a Good Thing ;)"

1.) I saw I Am Legend at the swanky new Monaco theater last night. Kyle' friend is in town and took us as a Christmas present -- how sweet it that? Of course the movie was terrifying. AWESOME but terrifying. It was incredibly well done and I already knew that Will Smith was a great actor -- but damn. I give it 6 thumbs up (2 for each of the three of us who went). I HIGHLY recommend it.

2.) Finally got my Christmas cards done. Told the boyfriend (sorry, I had to say that) I couldn't hang out with him tonight because I had to get them done. I'm happy with them and they'll be sent off tomorrow.

3.) A.) My neighbors kids went to her with concerns that I am anorexic. They wanted her to confront me. How awesome is THAT? I mean seriously -- that's freaking awesome. Of course neighbor knows about the surgery and she knows I've started running so she was able to explain that I am OK. But then she also expressed that she was concerned and wanted to make sure everything is ok (it is).

3.) B.) When I was talking to her and finding this out, I was delivering her Christmas present at 10:00pm. I was in Pajama pants that are at least 3 sizes too big and a huge cable knit cardigan passed down from my momma (also way too big) and I had my very thin hair pulled back into clip but most of it had already fallen out and I was on my way to get my laundry out of the dryer. I realized that I do look kinda sickly wearing clothes that are too big all the time. I really need some clothes.

4.) I got assigned a project at work. My OWN project. For a customer. Also totally awesome. It's a very small thing, but still, it's mine. And way better than the shit I usually have to do. And I get to play with code. And release my code. To a customer. How awesome is that?


Anonymous Erin said...

how is the Monoco? is it expensive?

WOOT on work. I'm proud of you.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Chad said...

Rock on!

8:18 PM  

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