Written this morning at work.

Sorry my updates are further between lately – my life has become so wonderfully full and busy. To answer all the concerned inquiries, yes I'm fine. I've been having anxiety attacks a lot lately (as noted previously) and some sleep issues but I'm seeing my psychiatrist on Friday and hopefully she will be able to help me with that.

Work is going well. School is going very not well – and it's about to give me a hernia – but that's the only thing not going well. I'm seeing a great guy who takes me to the symphony and to see the nutcracker and to see the sunrise in the forest. *swoon* And I'm working out a lot. I go running with said guy 3 times a week – Monday I did 0.9 miles and today I'm going to run a full mile for the first time! I'm actually getting muscles! And when I finally get my arms done, I'll have a little bit of a cut – and it's going to be fucking awesome.

My birthday is Monday – so I'll be celebrating with my friends this weekend. And it will be fantastic. And I put up my Christmas tree last night and it is beautiful. And I know everyone will laugh because I have it up so early (though as you recall – I put it up on November 1 st last year so I waited a whole 2 weeks longer this time) – but it makes me super happy. I just love to look at a Christmas tree. I know I lost all vestiges of innocence I ever had long ago -- but holidays are still so special to me. I just love to get excited about a holiday and send people cards and wish them well and decorate my house – its just fun. And lord, I love me some decorations.

And today at work, we're having a Thanksgiving feast at noon and flu shots at 3:30 – so lord knows no work is getting done today. Which makes it an awesome day. I'm just gonna sit in my cube and hand out candy. And maybe throw some of the massive stack of pirate stressballs I just acquired. See, I have so many so that when someone wont give it back, I don't have to get all sad. I've got lots more!


Blogger Just A Girl said...

I am glad to hear that (almost) everything is looking up for you now.

Good luck with the running, that sounds like excellent proof that you have broken free of your "fat" shackles. I can't wait to hear about your first marathon!!

11:04 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Wow, I never thought of it like that. Thanks! It was really hard to get started and just to realize that my body COULD be taught to do it. I was really freaking out when we started and one of my friends had to point it out on the phone and say "Karen -- you're not fat anymore" before it really hit me that I'm not fat -- I CAN run.

I still suck a lot -- my form isn't particulaly great but Kyle says it's improved a lot -- and I ran a solid Mile yesterday. He said we'd end this week at a mile and I just couldn't see it happeneing -- but I did. It's really amazing -- It's not easy by far but every day we do it I can go just a little further. And it feels really good to tire my body out that much - to be sweating and out of breath and to know that I can't take another step and that I pushed myself that far -- It's quite amazing (but don't tell Kyle I said that ;) ).

We're working on Crunches and Pull-Ups now. I can't do a pulll up to save my life but I'm trying to get better -- I want arm muscles :) So yeah, I really am breaking out of my fat shakles -- AND IT"S AWESOME.

12:56 PM  

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