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After 4 years of living in Huntsville, Alabama, I'm finally getting a Huntsville area code. And after 2 and a half years of having a piece of shit for a phone, I'm finally getting a decent phone. Yep, I'm upgrading.

What finally spurred doing this after I've said I was going to all year? I found out text messages are not free on my old plan. Seriously -- what the fuck is that? I had a 19 dollar charge on my phone bill just for text messages. And god forbid I find this out before I sent out 20 messages that said "Happy Thanksgiving." So I'm upgrading from the Nationwide Basic to Nationwide Select. And I'm getting a red Motorola KRZR. I've wanted a KRZR since they came out. I'm sure everyone thinks that there are far better phones, but this is the one I wanted out of all of them. Everyone loves their RAZRs and Kyle loves his SLVR and the KRZR, RAZR and SLVR are all the same phone in different packaging. And the KRZR feels the best in my hand. And the red one is teh pretteh.

So I'm super psyched.


Blogger Just A Girl said...

Would you like to buy a vowel???

I swapped from bulky nextel phones to a razr this past april. I love my phone because it's small and cute, and I hate my phone because it's small and cute. Good Luck.

Of and if it takes an expandable memory card, go to, they hav ethe best prices.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Just A Girl said...

did you quit?

8:35 AM  

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