Let me just tell you how awesome my weekend was.

Friday started out pretty badly. I had a psychiatrist appointment that went far from well. I was late which gave me an anxiety attack (hey, I was there to see her about changing my meds. Coincidence, I think not). Then I told her what was really on my mind and she decided I need to see a counselor weekly. Well, thats real fucking nice. Not only is time a huge issue in that, but money is an even bigger one. So not starting off the weekend particularly well.

Then I went to Kyles to run (we're up to a mile now) after work. I changed clothes and couldn't find my shoes. Kyle hates those shoes and I knew he hid them from me. He said they were by the door -- so I thought it was pretty assy of him to move them, he could have asked me and I'd have done it if it bugged him so bad. And then they weren't by the door -- I looked. He told me they were by the door, so I walked over to the door and was like -- "no, they're not -- give me my shoes!"

Now, how I didn't notice that Kyle had a pair of brand new pink running shoes by his door (unusual for guy -- especially when they're half the size of his feet), I just can't explain. But I didn't. And he was laughing at me and just kept telling me they're by the door and then it finally clicked. He bought me running shoes! How freaking sweet is that? I've been running in a pair of Clarks I bought as work shoes -- they're certainly not running shoes -- just the only shoes I owned that tied. And I know running in crappy shoes is bad, but I couldn't exactly afford to go out and buy some. And he bought me some for my brithday :) He said he just couldn't wait to give them to me.

And yall, this came after a perfect evening Thursday where he cooked me dinner and was just a total sweetheart, but we ended the evening on a bad note. So I didn't know how seeing him Friday was going to go -- and after the monumental failure of a psych appointment, I was in a pretty low mood. And then he bought me running shoes. This made me happy.

Then he decided that after wind sprints, we'd go have sushi and see Beowulf. The sushi was actually not disgusting. This was my first time trying it. We're going to go back and get a little more brave with our selections next time. Then we wasted our time playing arcade games before the movie -- which was loads of fun. Beowulf sucked pretty hard -- but it was funny (I don't think it was supposed to be) and we had a good time watching it. So my Friday turned a complete 180 pretty quick.

Cut to Saturday. I spent all day cleaning my house in anticipation of my birthday celebration that night. It felt really good to have a clean house -- really good. And I was busy with chores right up until time to meet everyone for dinner. Kyle picked me up and we met everyone at Olive Garden. The service was absolutely horrible, but my lasagna was tasty and all my friends were together -- which is all I wanted. Then we all gathered at my house for cake and a game of Clue. Nathan won. Kyle and I had already solved it and our turn was next -- but Nathan called it first. Bastard.

This same group of people met for my birthday last year -- and I thought it was wonderful then -- but knowing everyone so much better this year made it even more wonderful. I loved it. Best birthday celebration yet, I'd dare say. And Erin planned it all, so I'm super thankful to her :) So Saturday followed Friday up really nicely -- you'd think Sunday could never live up, wouldn't you?

Sunday, Kyle and I woke up at 3:45 AM to head to Little River Canyon to watch the sunrise and have a picnic breakfast. We arrived about half an hour before sunrise but we missed it. I made kinda a big error and we were in the wrong place. I had printed out maps... of the wrong place. We went to the nature preserve... not the scenic canyon I visited so many years in my youth. So we decided to make the best of it and hiked through the woods to the river. There, we hopped rocks out to the middle where we ate breakfast. Then we set out to find out where my canyon was.

You'd think it would be easy to find the canyon... but no. Luckily, I really had to pee so I made him go to a spot on the map where I figured there'd be bathrooms. There were bathrooms. There were also brochures of Little River Canyon with a map of the canyon and the scenic road along the canyons rim. See -- I totally saved the day! So we did get to see the canyon and it was beautiful. We stopped at all the overlooks along the way to check out the views and we got to walk around the rim at each one and hang our heads over the edge. (Kyle just sat on the edge but he's more brave than I -- he had to convince me to get near it).

Now this is where the wonderful weekend story gets kinda funny. Kyle is really in shape and athletic, right? Hence the running and the working out. Well, apparently he goes bouldering as a hobby as well. And he's really good at it. We ran into some guys bouldering and he totally showed them up -- I mean my lord, he just hops around them like a monkey. Well, obviously, I don't have the leg and arm strength to hop and climb boulders, so I just followed along on the smaller rocks and easier boulders. This was going pretty well for a while. Note that that implies an end to the going well part.

Kyle had found a particularly awesome boulder that he said I just had to climb. So I was making my way over to him jumping the smaller rocks when I jumped on one just in sight of him. And I landed it ok - and even he thought i landed it ok until my body weight shifted and I slipped. And I tried to not slip -- so I ran along the slope of the rock aiming to use a tree to stop me from falling. But rather than stop me, I grabbed it in a good hug (yes, I've got scrapes to show for this part) and spun around it. So really it just chunked me further out. But that's a good thing. The swing prevented me from falling onto the rocks, and rather it propelled me into a nicely Karen-sized hole in the ground. As Kyle points out, this hole could not have been more serendipitously placed and -- conveniently -- filled with fallen leaves. And since the tree I so smartly aimed for had swung me around, I was falling butt first rather than head first. And I fell quite nicely into the hole between the boulders and rocks. And Kyle was just fast enough to catch my head before it smacked the boulder behind me. Lucky, eh?

I'm told it was an ugly fall -- so that's rather embarrassing. But luckily, I didn't break anything -- just twisted (or sprained or pulled a muscle in) my foot. It was still horribly embarrassing -- but at least I was doing something cool and athletic when it happened -- right? I was super jealous of how much fun Kyle was having bouldering and now I really want o build up some muscle so that next time we go, I can join in a lot more. And not hurt myself. I'd at least like to be in shape next time -- but we're working on that :)

And no the hurt foot isn't sad or worrisome at all. I find it rather funny (after I get past the embarrassment) myself. It was a really great day. It was a really great weekend. My life has never been better and I've never been happier than I am right now. (And yes, school is still going quite horribly -- not unlike how things are going with my new psychiatrist) -- but it's all just so great anyway -- how cool is that?


Blogger Michael said...

Sorry to hear about your foot, but think about it this way .. if your three-years-in-the-past self heard you talking about hopping around on boulders, your past self would probably punch you in the mouth for being a dirty rotten liar. I think it's a great change :)

(Hope your foot heals quickly, and you can get back to enjoying your running shoes)

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Erin said...

Happy Birthday!!!

5:57 PM  

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