Jack is such a bad cat.

Everyone who knows me -- and especially everyone who has ever been to my apartment, knows that Jack runs out the door every time it is opened. He stalks the door. He waits at the ready to leap to freedom. He knows that soon someone's going to open the door and he's going to go smell that bush. He loves that bush.

Recently, i realized that he really just wants to go out for a minute -- and that when I shut the door and ignore him, he comes and wails to get back in within about half an hour. And even if I didn't know this -- sometimes you really have to pee and you can't hold it long enough to chase him. So I'm sorry -- sometimes I run in and shut the door behind him knowing that he got out. Tonight was one of these nights. I'm in the bathroom and I hear him wailing at the door to get back in. So I wash my hands and put on my PJs and clean the litterbox and make my way to the door. Only when I get there -- he's not there.

Serves me right, eh?

So I'm walking around outside yelling for him -- Jack! Jack! Commeer' Jack! And I do this for a good long while when my neighbor (who i've never met... and who is kinda cute) opens his door. He asks if I'm looking for a cat. He then informs me that a cat just ran into his apartment a few moments earlier. Jack. He was running around the guys apartment trying to find a suitable spot to hide. Poor, stupid, bad thing. So I apologize a million times (while noting that hot neighbor has a freakishly clean apartment -- which is nice) and chase my cat all over his apartment... in my ratty PJs and barefoot.

I caught Jack and brought him home. But as I left noticed a small bowl of milk on the floor. He let my cat in and was giving him milk -- how sweet! I felt kinda bad taking him back... But it was obvious that he had a home -- he's wearing his collar with his name and my phone number. But still... I felt kinda bad. Not for my cat being bad enough to run into his apartment -- but because he was obviously enjoying the cat and being sweet to it.

I'm going to have to go say hello when I have more time and am dressed more properly. Hes obviously rather nice.


Anonymous Crystal said...

Karen, girl. You are so lucky. Jack isn't a bad cat he is apparently a man magnet.

4:23 PM  

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