Knock Knock

A black man in a hoodie (with the hood up) is knocking on my door. At 10:30 PM. In the ghetto. WTF? I have both my cats... I'm not playing any music... I'm on the first floor so I'm not bugging anyone below me... What the hell? I'm not going to answer it -- I'm not a moron.

I called my neighbor and no one knocked on her door.

Yep. Sleeping with the bat in my bed tonight. I so need a gun. I know they say having a gun in the house is just having something that can be used against you... but not if I shoot first. This is Alabama -- if you're in my house I can legally kill you. Actually -- if I feel my life is in danger, I can kill you anywhere. So if I had a gun, I could just shoot first, ask questions later. Or at least have it aimed at the guy in the hoodie knocking on my door late at night... you know, just in case.


Anonymous Crystal said...

Karen, dear I love you. Right on sistah! I agree fully. We're in the south and we need not bother with questions. SHOOT THEN ASK. I've got a gun. Get one!

7:35 AM  
Blogger Chad said...

that's really weird... maybe he had the wrong apartment?

11:39 PM  

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