Why you should always get a second opinion. Alternate title: Ew.

Turns out my gallbladder was gangrenous! Yes! There was dead tissue rotting inside me. And the gastroenterologist told me I definitely didn't need it out and that I was making a big mistake if I let Facundus take it out. Good lord! Had I listened to him it could have gotten REAL ugly. I'm glad Facundus pushed to do the surgery as soon as possible rather than letting me wait until November like I wanted. Ugh. No wonder I was hurting.

He's also going to be treating me for anemia now. He's giving me until November to get my levels up to par or "we're going to have to do something." And I don't know what that means but I find Dr Facundus to be very intimidating and I don't want to "disappoint" him. I know that sounds stupid -- but I don't.

So anyway -- yay -- glad I had my gallbladder out :) And I wasn't being a big baby or a hypochondriac after all!


Anonymous Erin said...

DUDE EWWWW. I just got your voice mail. I fell asleep earlier, sorry. Anyway, EWWW. And I'm so glad you got it out of you and that feel validated too. Booyah Dr. Stupidhead liar.

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

That is so nauseating, and you're my age. I am so happy that you are opinionated and strong willed. Being assertive has its advantages. I am so thankful you went to the other doctor and didn’t blindly follow some MD who obviously didn’t pay enough attention to you. Was anything else tainted with the gangrenedness?

7:45 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Erin, you really hated that cute doctor didn't you? I mean I know you didn't think he was cute -- but I feel hatred there. I'm thinking of calling his office just to tell them he was wrong -- not that he'll care but maybe in the future when someone like me shows up he'll at least have a twinge of "maybe."

And Crystal (who I've actually already responded to in email), is anything else infected -- thats up for grabs. Hopefully not -- but there is of course the slight possibility. I'm either 100% taken care of -- or the necrosis that was confined to one organ will be free to turn into a systematic infection -- which of course is super bad. I just have to watch myself carefully for a little bit -- like for a fever or anything like that. I'm still very sore -- but he thinks that is likely because the tissue around the infected gallbladder was inflamed and needs time to heal up.

Thanks for the support yall :)

10:34 PM  

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