"Obese, psychotic, or taken"

Today at lunch a guy I work with was talking about the two dates he has this week with two women. This led to the guys talking about finding a woman. Which led to one guy telling us that his roommate used to classify girls into three categories: "obese, psychotic, or taken." And of course all the other guys heartily agreed. This made me sad.

Overweight women are totally discriminated against. Most of the time it's a subconscious thing -- but there's constant judging. People look at you different. They talk to you different. They treat you different. I know. And I know you can't really control who you're attracted to, but just hearing it said so bluntly stung. I'm not the 300+lb girl I was -- people treat me totally differently. But I'm still considered fat by the medical community and the majority of people both men and women. And even though I'm not 300lbs anymore -- it hurts to hear people writing off a chunk of the population as disgusting, undateable, and lower-class. To hear them writing ME off as that.

So I was written off as obese. Now am I in the psychotic category? I'm not depressed anymore -- far from it -- and I've no desire to die anytime soon -- but hearing someone say things like that... it just makes me want to kill myself and remove myself from a world that will never accept me. People just suck.


Anonymous Leah said...

those guys? Lame. Definitely not true that you can group women into just three categories. honestly, what kind of bullshit is that?

first of all, there are plenty of people who are single because they haven't yet met the right person. There's nothing wrong with you. Personally, I'd rather be single than throwing myself at any person who might possibly take me.

Don't let those guys get to you. There are people out there who are attracted to all types. Honestly, fat people get married. Scrawny people get married. Ugly people get married. Heck, even really pretty people end up single if they're not good people.

Also, guys often just call a girl psychotic if she's intelligent enough not to date them ;-)

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Erin said...

WORD. When you categorize like that, you show your stupidity. Anyone with half a brain can see there is a whole span of women out there. What those douches meant to say was "women who won't date me, women who won't even look at me, and women who have restraining orders against me."


7:12 AM  
Blogger Tel said...

It's really sad, but it's true. I call it size-ism. People aren't even aware they're doing it. You totally should've called that dude out.

Unfortunately it's socially acceptable behavior. And that's just the shits.

9:56 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Just because they are wrong and stupid, doens't mean they don't still categorize women like that. I think the majority write fat people off before they even say a word.

And it's not likie I've never had someone treat me as less than them because of my weight -- sure they were total assholes -- but they did it. Hell, the other day at the pool while I was waiting on friends two stupid little boys starting talking about me and pointing and laughed when I took my swim suit cover-up off.

Just because it's wrong doesn't mean it doesn't happen -- a lot. It just means the world is wrong. And well -- that doesn't help me much to know that everyones an asshole.

And talking about it doens't change it -- yall telling me they're stupid doesn't help it or stop it. And me knowing it's wrong doesn't change it. It's there -- they're there.

10:11 PM  

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