Labor Day Fare

Happy Labor Day! Today I've watched Clifford the Red Dog and Murder She Wrote. You can see how occupied I've been. But I have been cooking a fine Labor Day dinner. Last night I put on a pork loin to do BBQ in the crock pot. Last time I made it, it didn't come out too well. It was good -- but not great. And as Chad points out (ass) it was too salty -- even by my salt-loving standards. So this time I actually went to the trouble to look up recipes.

I don't really follow a recipe per se -- I just gather multiple recipes together. I look at what the common themes are and the rest is just that persons additions. Then I do my own thing how I want. So rather than cooking the pork loin in barbecue sauce like I did last time, I cooked it in the rub it marinated in, with a small onion, vinegar, and water -- 12 hours on low. This morning I drained it, tossed the onions (I hate them) and used a fork to pull apart the pork. THEN I added the barbecue sauce and cooked it another 3 hours. And this time it is much better. And to all my salt-hating friends, it's not salty at all -- I had to add salt to it when I put it on a bun :-p

I know I'm not a great cook by chef and food-network standards, but I like to think I'm pretty good. I'm constantly getting better too. I wouldn't mind having a restaurant. I know it's not a real possibility -- don't think I'm saying it's my goal. But I wouldn't mind it. I could start small with a cart or delivery lunch business -- progress to owning a shit-hole and then end up like Blue Plate Cafe where you get three choices for lunch that day -- the food is not gourmet but it hits the spot and the price is right.

Speaking of, I'm dreading going back to work. Seriously -- and I don't know why. I like where I work. I like my coworkers. But the past two nights I've had nightmares about it, I'm dreading it, and I'm developing stress-ulcers. There's no good reason for this. I think it's just the never-ending of it. A semester ends. Work does not. I'm not going to be not-working for like 50 years. That freaks me out.


Anonymous Erin said...

Hey, we cook the same, recipe wise anyhow. Google "rescue remedy" it is cool and works ok.

7:11 AM  

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