I wasn't robbed!

I came home from a concert on Friday and found my door wide open. Well, let me back up:

I came home from a concert on Friday at about 12:30am. When I pulled up, I heard a cat wailing. It sounded like Jack -- Jack is very loud. I even called him -- and the cat screamed more. Then when I walked up the stairs, Jack ran up to me. So I figured he got out when I left and I didn't realize it -- he runs out all the time. Then he runs ahead of me and into my apartment. INTO MY APARTMENT. Wait -- what the hell?

The door was wide open. I had to grab a bat and search my house to make sure no one was about to kill me -- and I couldn't sleep because I thought maybe I missed them and they were waiting for me to fall asleep.

Nothing was stolen. My laptop was right there on the couch -- anyone walking by could see it. I was shocked. My bike was stolen -- my muddy shoes were stolen -- but my doors wide open for possibly hours and no one touches a thing. I almost want to have faith in my neighbors -- but then I remember my bike, the bike rack, and my shoes.

And Jack didn't run away! He runs out every chance he gets -- but he had hours and stayed! And Tabitha was sitting in here on the couch -- like she didn't care to go out. I was so proud of them! Jack DOES love me! He was waiting on me to come home! This is the first confirmation from him that he wanted to live with me in the near 2 years that I've had him. I'm so proud of him! And my neighbors!


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