I'm happyish, I promise.

I feel the need to post as my last post was a downer. I've been in a great overall mood these last few weeks. I guess people at work might disagree (as mike asked if bitchy and moody was a symptom of gangrene) -- but as far as I'm concerned I'm great. My anxiety has been acting up very badly but my depression is totally under control at the moment.

The other night I played games and had pizza with some friends -- and it seemed like the absolutely perfect night. I doubt they agree, but for me I think that might have been one of the bet evenings of my life -- because I was just happy. And today I went to Target at my moms encouragement to purchase something to wear. I picked up two tops... but I also got a plaid trench coat. Mom pointed out that I am such a sucker for coats. I really am. They're my favorite things to buy -- and I absolutely adore a great tailored knee-length coat -- I swoon for them. So I bought one. And it was something that would hurt my budget and something I could not justify at all. I bought it because I wanted it -- there was no other reason. And that actually made me super happy. It's been a long time since I got to buy an article of clothing without need or justification. It's certainly been since before the surgery so over two years. And the coats a size large! And it's a roomy large - if they had had a medium I'd have tried it on. I love it :) And while I was admiring it in the mirror, 2 people asked me where I got it and if there were more. Because it's awesome. And it looks better on me than it does on the model in the pictures.

And it's getting cooler outside! So yes, my anxiety is off the charts -- but lifes pretty good right now :)


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