Picture this: I came home this evening and went to water my flowers and sit out on the balcony. I do this almost every evening. As I sit down, I realize that my neighbor two balconies over is out on hers. This is unusual. I'm about to say hello but before I can, she yells to a guy across the street. He's at the gas station. She's yelling that his "stuff is down there" (indicating below her balcony). She doesn't sound like she is angry -- more like she is kindly notifying him that some of his things have fallen. He doesn't believe her. To prove it, she goes inside and begins throwing various pairs of tennis shoes over the railing.

At this point I'm way too excited that I get to witness something like this -- it's just like TV! I figure - maybe they're about to fight it out -- and then I'll call the police and it'll be just like Cops! Not so.

The guy crosses the street and she hurries inside and closes the door. He picks up his shoes and tosses them back over the railing and onto the balcony then disappears. Then I see him come from the apartment and gather up his shoes and take them in like nothing happened. All while I'm sitting right there. I didn't hear any yelling or anything -- so it was kind of a big weird let down -- like what the hell was that all about?


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