Cheap band-aids suck and my body hates me (much like my car)

I was allergic to the Target-brand band-aids I've had on my stomach all week. Who knew? I've never had an identified allergy problem! I've never had a problem with band-aids and I use them lots! I thought the itching was the pain meds and the incisions (from the surgery). I thought the redness was because I kept changing the band-aids and they were really sticky on sensitive skin. Steph pointed out that I might be allergic to them so today I took them off. Now I have perfectly band-aid shaped areas of inflamed, red, scaly skin. Each with an incision in the middle. And they were big band-aids too -- not the little ones. It's gross. It's shitty. It's itchy. And it makes me feel like a big fat moron looking back at the signs I missed. Beware of the cheap band-aids. I knew I should have got the pirate ones.


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