Can you trust NO ONE?

I'm am so tired of having to second guess everything. When do you get a break? I mean seriously -- you have to be on top of everything. Why does every doctor think I have an ulcer? Hello, I've had ulcers before and this is different. Also, I've been on nexium for 2 months and take the most disgusting liquid to heal ulcers 4 times a day -- oh and you've done an endescope already and decided everything was fine. And two doctors told me I had an ulcer while my gallbladder was rotting inside of me so forgive me if I think you're full of shit just like they were. Is ulcer the default diagnosis or something? Why can't your doctor just fucking listen to you.

Am I about to die or something? I feel like my health is slipping away and my doctors are all full of shit. I'm gonna die and they'll be like -- oh THATS what was wrong with her. Oops.

And I ordered a bunch of pet medicine on the web -- right? But it didn't all arrive -- so I called them and they're like -- "oh yeah, we charged you for it but we're not sending it -- oh, you mean you want a refund? well ok." What the hell?

I'm pissed. And everyones having a breakdown for something or another and they think they're the only one -- we're all having breakdowns, people. We all think life sucks ass.

Ehem. I'm done.

Wait, no I'm not. I hate school. I wish I could quit. I hope that one day I don't have to work or go to school. But I'm not gonna get that wish because that would mean I'd get what I want -- and lord knows that hardly ever happens.

Now I'm done.


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Blogger Just A Girl said...

Go to a different doctor. Get tested again for everything.

This is going to sound like a horror story but...

Al's coworker had a gastric bypass 5 years ago. She lost all the weight she wanted to and then began living a normal healthy lifestyle and kept the weight off. She started getting sick a year ago. She kept telling her parents that it just didn't seem right, it seemed that once she had the surgery everything just went down hill. Last friday she was violently ill again and went to the urgent care. She thought it was nerves as she had just been fired from Al's office the day before. Turned out to be terminal cancer.

I'm not a strong believer in the whole "surgery did it" to her, but her doctors kept focusing onthings related to the surgery and not the underlying problems.

I didn't tell you this to scare you, I just want you to make sure you get everything checked by someone who's not looking to blame it on an ulcer or the surgery.

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